The Chuck Wagon Gang – “Meeting In Heaven” The Chuck Wagon Gang Sings the Songs of Marty Stuart

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At the dawn of the 1930s God spoke and called forth from the Texas dust a sound…a sound that will forever be known as that of the Chuck Wagon Gang. –Marty Stuart

Armed with only a guitar and song, the Chuck Wagon Gang sang the American public out of the Great Depression, through wars, assassinations, flag burnings, scandals of the church and state, numerous Presidents and a revolving door of changing times. Then as now, their music serves as a guiding light beckoning from a peaceful distant shore.

Today David (Dad) Parker Carter’s descendants are still serving in the same way the patriarch of the family many years ago. After 8 decades and having sold over 40 million records Marty Stuart was captivated by their history and Americana sound. The result of the encounter was captured with Marty Stuart writing and producing their newest recording “Meeting In Heaven” The Chuck Wagon Gang sings the songs of Marty Stuart.

Produced By Marty Stuart

Song Titles:

  • Shout It
  • Rest a Little While
  • The Gloryland
  • His Love Will Lead Us On
  • Meeting in Heaven
  • He Changed My Heart
  • Pray the Power Down
  • Lord Lead Me On
  • The Gospel Story
  • Someday
  • The Gospel Plow
  • Jesus
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